The Timeline

updated: 21st of August, 2023

Here you can see the most important steps of developement, from the very first brainwave to the completition of the final product. I try to always keep this site updated.

16th of September, 2021 - The first idea

On a weekend in september, i was visiting my parents house, the first brainwave came into my mind. Why shouldn't one part of a picture be resoluted differently compared to another? This could save a lot of memory. I started noting some brainwaved designs on paper and the idea began to develope in my mind.

19th of September, 2021 - Giving instructions to a programmer to build up a first prototype

Three days later I already came up with some concrete plans of what a first desktop application could look like, so I instructed a talented ''Python''-programmer to create the prototype. The program should transform raster-based images into square-based Deep Pictures, while the squares are steadily growing from a defined center towards the pictures borders.

20th of September, 2021 - The beginning of the creation of the patent-registration

Quickly I realised, that, for the lucky case the idea grows into a very big thing and still nobody has been developing such a thing, I really should save the idea by creating a patent. I have heard it too often: A person is coming up with a great idea and is robbed and trampled by the economy, because they can produce more efficient and internationally.

13th of October, 2021 - The registration of the patent at the german patent-office, the DPMA

After three weeks of concentrated working, while the idea has been reflected by friends and patent-attorneys, I declared the document to be finished and printed all of the 40 pages. I drove into the next larger city and threw it into a special night mailbox, which clearly documents the day of registration.

27th of October, 2021 - The first prototype got finished

After five to six weeks of patient waiting, the programmer came up with the final software. The Windows desktop-application is already very user-friendly, convertes pictures up to 700 megapixels in about a minute (with 8GB of random access memory) and works without any bugs.

03rd of November, 2021 - Presenting it to the world wide web

The prototype got finished, the patent is registered, so why not show some converted pictures to the world to get some feedback? The feedback was splitted into two categories: A photographers forum didn't see any sense in the idea (''You can't even see anything''), but on the other side in a well known open source digital painting software forum I got positive feedback (''Yeah, it looks like a very nice effect.'').

08th of November, 2021 - Giving instructions to create an update

Still there are some obvious ways to improve the functionality of the program. I gave instructions for smaller updates like the given name of the converted files and improvements in calculating crominances, but also for reducing the size of the converted images again by developing an other option of pixel growth: exponential.

10th of November, 2021 - Going online with the old website

Today '''' goes online and is presented to the world. I'll try to keep it always up to date and inform about everything that happens depending the project. The project and the website are still in developement, all constructive feedback will be helpful. Photos used for conversion are eather own material or downloaded fully license free. All of the pictures and texts on this website can be copied and pasted whereever you want to, if you only tell where you got it from (CC Attribution)

28th of November, 2021 - Planned start of the crowdfunding campaign

I can't effort everything by myself, especially when thinking about a web version or a mobile app, even if I'd do lots of the work by myself. Thats why I created a crowdfunding campaign on Startnext, that will most probably start on the 28th of November.

29th of November, 2021 - Actual start of the campaign

The date of the start switched by one day, because the platform had to check my project before its release.

29th of November, 2021 (later that day) - The first update has been made

The program completely changed, it can now be displayed in german and english, the destination folder can be choosen, my name is on the start page :D. But the most important updates are: The colouring can be exactly calculated now, also, the exponential pixel-growth is now possible. Watch the examples within the gallery if you are interested (EDIT: The gallery is no longer available on this new site, but the picture of the city on the "Home"-page is created in such a way).

22nd of December, 2021 - End of the crowdfunding campaign

Sadly the project flopped, most likely because of a lack in reach when dealing with social networking.

1st of January, 2022 - Paying the patent registration

Today the patent registration is beeing paid. I have thought about it for a long time, but the project offers imho big potential. It should be worth the 410 Euros.

23rd of January, 2022 - The first release of the Software (Windows only)

Today the software is released for the first time. On this day, it was available free and advertisement-free in the ''Downloads''-section of the ""-website. It contains all features that were available so far. It should be easy to use for everyone and work on all systems. Sadly there are two little problems left, giving this version it's prototype-character.

01st of February, 2022 - Starting an advertising campaign
Today I was hiring a little space in the pixel-joint forum (forum for pixel-art). It should start at 15:00 German-time and last for one month. So maybe the people get to know the project now. It was a 50$-ad and just a try.

17th of March, 2022 - The Patent office released the legal- and research report
These days the DPMA in Munich daclared if the patent can be registrated and which existing patents matter in case of novelty. I do not want to give details about their decision here.

6th of April, 2022 - My respond to the legal- and research report
Today I handed in a respond to the legal- and research roport of the DPMA.

7th of October, 2022 - Registration of the japanese Patent Application

On this day the Application to the JPO, the japanese Patent office, was filed. I will wait with the application for examination until I can estimate in which way this project evolves. I have three years from now on.

29th of December, 2022 - The japanese Translation was handed in

Now the Application is complete and I have three years without the need to pay any fees.

2nd February, 2023 - Start of Deep-Shot Converter 2.0 Developement stage

On this date I was talking to a talented programmer in the Rust-language environment to create a program as it is described in the patent. It shall be able to load lots of pictures into one and the same net, create depths up to 10'000 times zoom, save extreme amounts of memory and display and zoom the converted Deep-Shots. Also they can be converted into SVG-files. When the program is finished it will be released on this website.

10th of February, 2023 - went online

On this day I went online with the new website. A lot of stuff changed so I decided to give the project a newstart. Also I was happy about the availability of that domain.

13th of April, 2023 - The Patent is published by the DPMA

On this day the German Patent application was beeing published, it can now be researched and read by everyone interested.

The number of registration is 10 2021 005 196.3. You can research it through the DPMA-register. Alternatively you can jump directly to the conclusion through this link (please note that it's all german).

24th of July, 2023 -  The patent was granted by the DPMA

On this day the german patent application was granted by the german office.