The process is well suited for modern Smartphones

Lots of models in todays smartphone-environment are using more than one camera. The trend seems to be to create lenses with lots of different focal lengths, to cover wide angles and deep zoom. There are approaches to combine several cameras to get higher quality photographs or improve a pictures impact, but these images are still depending on raster-based image file types, such as jpeg or png, which can waste storage space and limit possibilities.

A mobile App for Android

It's planned to develop a mobile Application for Android, consisting out of a camera- and a gallery screen. When using the camera, the user may adjust the flash, timer or effects, zoom the screen and adjust the Deep-Shots resolution, while all main cameras should be triggered at the same time. The photos taken will be used to create the Deep-Shots introduced on this website. The user shall be able to view and zoom them within the gallery, send them towards other users (or share them on social networks) and load them onto the PC where they can be viewed within the desktop application or the web-viewer. The design is beta. The app will be free on the day of release. After that date, a small amount may be charged for the camera part of the application while the gallery shall stay free.


Quadro Camera systems are perfect, as the photos of different focal length can be shot simultaneously

The files can easily be stored inside two jpeg’s, one for the centre, and one displaying each surrounding ring. The program used for displaying such images then takes these jpeg’s and builds up the Deep-Shot. The hardware existing is yet very useful for this method, and it's getting better and better. That means the only thing that has to be developed and initiated is appropriate software, preferably inside the phones default photo app. The software has to deal with shooting several photos at more or less the same time, combine these and recalculate a Deep-Shot through assigning each pixel to a field inside the centre-based net structure. The net structure should be optimized to fit the phones Quadro-camera system. The single photos used for the Deep-Shot’s creation can be deleted.

As the focal length of each of the cameras isn't adjustable, the perfect fitting point based net-structure can be precalculated once and standardized.

Another great option smartphones offer is creating videos with different cameras at the same time. The differently zoomed videos can be joined through the principle introduced on this website to create videos with depth.

An App is planned to be developed, dowloadable in Play Store, which can make use of a phones camera-systems. It should be able to open, view and zoom Deep-Shots and create them through directly simultaneously triggering all of the cameras.