It's easy to understand

On this page I want to illustrate what the user has to do and what happens inside the program, when it comes to the creation of a Deep-Shot. As I mentioned on the Main-page the process starts by taking several photographs. Of course you could possibly also use map data or for example illustrations, there is a big variety of possibilities.

The photos are taken, while changing the zoom factor.

The program is designed to read the pictures with the highest degree of zoom at first.

The photos are stitched

The net and the colour values are calculated

The net

Here you can see how the exponential net-structure of the old Converter is beeing built up. Every of those little black fields is creating a coloured ''pixel'' in the converted Deep-Shot. I like this one more than the linear structure, it is more beautiful and creates more useful results.

Fun with the program

This is a video created with the Deep-Shot Converter Version 1.0.

You can see what happens, when the same picture is converted 350-times, while only adjusting the value for the pixel-growth. Doesn't it look interesting?